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Spirit 40# Max-1 Riser w/ Max-1 Limbs 25" Draw w/ Pink String and Cables Set

Spirit 40# Max-1 Riser w/ Max-1 Limbs 25" Draw w/ Pink String and Cables Set

For the female archer who's filled with outdoor passion, Elite's Spirit is the first bow in the line specifically designed for women.

The Spirit instills Elite shootability and performance into a smaller-framed bow that's lighter weight (less than 4lbs) and offers a smaller grip and riser.

Powered by the fierce Spirit cam system, this bow maximizes dynamic energy, while minimizing vibration and shock.

The Riser Cage increases riser stiffness and rigidity to boost energy transfer and deliver a bow that's performance-driven and without sacrifice.

The combination of an extremely stiff riser, thanks to the Riser Cage, Elite's Spirit cam and more parallel limbs deliver impressive arrow speeds in an agile and forgiving package with "shootability" at its core.

Launching arrows up to an impressive 304-307 fps IBO, the Spirit maximizes the critical combination of speed and smooth into one shootable package everyone will love to bring to full draw.

Thanks to an exceptionally efficient Spirit cam system, Elite has been able to focus on bow shootability while other bow makers sacrifice such to chase speed. If tournament champion and experienced hunter, Levi Morgan was blown away by the shootability of an Elite bow, imagine how it will feel to you!

Elite, the world's most shootable bow!

  • Later to peak. As you begin to draw, you'll notice an Elite bow eases you up to peak weight. Spreading the required effort makes drawing easier, especially in cold weather after hours in your stand.
  • Less time at peak weight. Elite also lets you "off the hook" sooner, which means you spend considerably less time at peak weight during the draw cycle.
  • Solid back wall. With draw stops at both the top and bottom that stop on the limb, you get consistent draw length and a hard, solid back wall. This means enhanced repeatability and consistency.
  • Less holding weight. High let-off means extreme comfort at full draw. It means a steadier aim. It means being able to hold longer, without letting down.
  • Huge dwell zone. Elite bows also feature a huge "dwell zone" (the amount of creep allowed before the bow wants to jump out of your hand). This allows you to hold longer and focus on aiming without fighting a jumpy cam.
  • Nothing to it shooting. Best of all, at release, you'll hardly feel a thing. It's amazing! But, don't just take Elite's word for it, shoot an Elite and experience "Nothing To It" shooting for yourself!
  • Take the Elite shootability challenge. In their collective quest for speed, bow makers have seemingly forgotten about the importance of the shooting experience. Not Elite. Shoot an Elite bow against the others. You'll quickly find out what Elite mean by "shootability"!

In turn, this ultra-premium, non-reflective, matte coating provides significant benefits over industry standard metal treatments such as traditional powder coat and aluminum anodize and is designed to maintain tight tolerances, resist scratching and eliminate chips.

Upgraded features, the Spirit is equipped with premium Winner's Choice Custom Bow Strings constructed from the extremely stable BCY-X material which heightens the Spirit's appeal.

Specs at a glance

    • IBO Speed 304-307fps
    • Draw Weight: 40 pounds
    • Draw Length: 25 inches
    • Brace height 7"
    • Axle to Axle 31.875"
    • Mass weight 3.9lbs
    • Spirit cam and more-parallel limbs produce shots that are free from vibration and recoil
    • Riser cage design dramatically enhances overall riser integrity and performance, riser strength by 30%, riser rigidity by 19% with more accurate shooting as well as reduced vibration and buzz and with no added weight
    • Beyond Parallel three-layer laminated limbs that are bomb proof
    • Winner's Choice Strings and Cables made from BCY-X material
    • Custom fitted with Limbsaver anti-vibration technology
    • Cams, modules, cable rods and limb pockets are coated in ultra-matte & ultra-durable finish
    • Shorter, more compact geometry
    • Two piece wood grip looks great and feels even better
    • Adjustable rubber coated draw stops ensure consistency each and every time you draw your bow
$ 599.99

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