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New Standard In Shootability: The 2017 ELITE Option Series™

A bow featuring the pinnacle of feel, form and function. For 2017, Elite Archery has built upon the belief that your bow should feel as great as it looks-without sacrificing any performance. The result is the Option Series™, built around the basic principle that your bow must always perform as well as you do, especially under less than ideal conditions. From the axles to the grip-and everything in between-each of the two bows in the Option Series allows shootability to take on a new shape while continuing to utilize the industry-leading technologies Elite has become known for.  The 32-inch axle-to-axle Option...

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Here's What You Need To Know About 3D Archery

  3D Archery season is here! Archers around the world will compete throughout the spring and summer at numerous outdoor shooting events. 3D archery is great for competitive archers but also draws a large number of hunters due to its emulation of hunting situations.   What is 3D Archery? Like golf, archers walk around an outdoor course and shoot at 3 dimensional targets. The outdoor elements have an impact on shooting, and archers can be faced with extreme temperatures, high winds, or heavy rain. Targets are usually realistic animals, such as turkey, deer, and bear, but can include some non-existent...

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