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9 Morel Hunting Tips

Morel hunting is one our favorite spring activities. These mysterious mushrooms seem to have no rhyme or reason to where they grow, making the success of finding a patch of them all the sweeter. They give us hunters yet another reason to go out into the woods and enjoy the warming weather and beautiful scenery. Most importantly, if you can find enough, morels make for a scrumptious meal alongside any wild game you harvested last season. Here are our best tips to help you forage for the morel mushroom. 1. Study the morel. Many mushrooms are toxic and some can even be fatal....

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  West Henrietta, NY – Elite Archery’s Chance Beaubouef and Darrin Christenberry have both taken home third place in the Known Pro and Open Pro Divisions respectively at the ASA Easton Pro Am Tournament in Paris, Texas.   70 degrees and plenty of sun led to ideal conditions for the ASA shooters, and many arrived early to take advantage of practice ranges provided by ASA. Shooting for the pro classes began on Friday and finished on Saturday. Each day, archers would line up to shoot 20 targets to aim for a par score of 200, or hitting the 10 ring each...

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Shed Hunting Strategies to Maximize Your Time

There’s something special about walking for miles and long hours to finally feel the gratification of laying claim to a shed. While it’s a fun pastime for some, for others it is a means of income or a prime opportunity to practice some quality deer management.   Benefits of Shed Hunting One benefit of shed hunting is that it can give you clues into the lives of your local deer herd. The time and location where sheds are found can help make educated guesses as to the herd’s winter range, bedding, feeding locations, and possibly even stress levels. This is...

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Cam Lean: Why It's Important

Cam lean is one of the most discussed, debated and argued topics across archers when talking about bow tuning and its effects. There are many different approaches to addressing cam lean. Some choose to ignore it or pretend it does not exist, while some utilize it as a tuning tool. The reality is that it does exist in varying degrees on every compound bow and should be understood by anyone who wants to get a more precise shot. What is cam lean? Cam lean is the difference in angle from the plane of the cam to the vertical plane of...

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Elite Archery's Tempo

A Tactical Work Of Art: The 2017 ELITE Tempo™A bow that delivers everything you want—and expect—from an ELITE.Henrietta, NY (March 20, 2017) – ELITE Archery recognizes that bowhunters demand as much from their bow as any competitive shooter: precision, shootability, industry-leading technology and lethal aesthetics. The new-for-2017 ELITE Tempo™ is that ideal package. The technology upon which ELITE has built its extensive lineup of high-performance hunting bows has been further enhanced in the Tempo. The Tempo's backbone delivers balanced energy distribution to the bow's beyond-parallel limbs, creating ELITE's notoriously unparalleled shootability in a package that's attainable by everyone. The Tempo...

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