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Proper Bow Grip

By Derek Woods, Elite Archery Design Engineer   Bow Hand Grip – The Importance of "Grip" on Consistency Good fundamentals and proper form are the keys to success in almost any aspect of life, and it’s no different for archery.  A strong foundation and understanding of what elements are important to achieve good form is the first step toward becoming a successful archer.  Some of the key components are draw length, anchor, stance, bow arm and draw arm elbow position and posture.  Good form will allow you to practice archery knowing that you’re positioning yourself in a manner that works...

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10 Hunting Log Tips

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  One of the earliest tips I learned from an old timer early on was the use of a hunting log. It has proven to be a simple and invaluable tool in the field from season to season - it can be as simple as you want it or as detailed. I prefer providing the most details to my log as possible, it started out as just quick recording keeping to a more advanced approach keeping records for each of the properties I hunt in separate journals. My journals are farm-specific and have tabs for each stand location on that...

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How Target Archery Aids in Hunting

Archery has been a passion of mine since I was 13 years old. Many know me as a competitive target shooter, but I began my journey into archery with my dad as a way to spend more time in the woods during hunting season. My father bought me a beginner bow setup not knowing how long I would stay interested. My first fall in the stand was a very memorable one and helped push me toward the tournament side of archery.  The first year I bow hunted, I missed everything I came to full draw on. This was before rangefinders...

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How To Determine Eye Dominance

Eye dominance is a critical piece of accuracy in archery. Many of us have a dominant eye that works harder than the other, and while we use both eyes to see objects all the time, your dominant eye focuses on an object or aiming point naturally, and our visual preference doesn’t always match up. Eye dominance is very important to be aware of, both for beginner archers and seasoned vets, and should affect the way you shoot. With about 70% of people, their dominant eye matches their dominant hand, but that means 30% of people have a dominant hand that...

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Elite Archery was well represented at IBO Worlds in Seven Spring, PA and the World Cup in Berlin, Germany this past weekend. Cara Kelly took home second place at IBO while Kris Schaff won the gold medal in the Team Divison. “The Elite and TOG shooters have had an amazing year,” said Pro Staff Coordinator Darrin Christenberry. “The continued success of our shooters is a testament to the consistency and durability of their equipment.” The IBO season came to a close with the IBO World Championship, held at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. 1,200 shooters were challenged...

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