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Elite Pro Shooter Cara Kelly has taken home second place in the Women’s Pro Division at the 1st Leg of the IBO Triple Crown in Pipestem, West Virginia.

“Battling the elements of the outdoor 3-D competitions can be quite challenging,” said Elite Archery Pro Staff Manager Darrin Christenberry. “Cara managing to keep it together in some heavy rain and tough conditions. To finish on the podium is impressive shooting!  All of her experience makes her a top competitor and consistent finisher.” 

Cara has taken home 2 podium finishes over the past two weekends in back to back tournaments. Normally shooting an Elite Impulse, Cara opted to shoot the 2017 Elite Option 6 instead to reach higher speeds (308 FPS at 51 pounds).

“This is huge for female shooters as getting speed can be a challenge,” stated Cara. “The Option 6 allows me to shoot a bow ten feet faster than I have ever been able to shoot at IBO with the same draw length and poundage. The greatest part is that it’s incredibly smooth to draw and easy to shoot.”

Kelly continues to advance in her league and be a top contender. Without a dropped score, she is currently in third in points for ASA Shooter of the Year.  Catch her shoot next at the ASA Pro/Am Tournament in London, KY.

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