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Blind Bale Shooting

More often than not, shooting inaccuracies stem from human error rather than equipment error. A shooter can encounter a variety of issues that negatively impact their shot, such as stance, muscle balance, and anchor point, and these can be especially prevalent when a shooter is experiencing target panic. Pumping adrenaline and nerves will only increase the inaccuracies in your shot. Enter blind bale shooting. In blind bale shooting, you shoot at a target with your eyes closed. Yes, you read that right. Shoot with your eyes closed.  Since your eyes are closed, you’ll want to stand close to the target...

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The Outdoor Group today announces that Josh Sidebottom has been promoted to the position of Vice President of Product Development. In his new role, Sidebottom will be taking on the brand management responsibilities for Elite, Scott, Custom Bow Equipment, and Winner’s Choice.  “Josh has been an incredible asset for The Outdoor Group,” said Greg Steil, CEO. “As we continue to develop the Company, having the right leaders in the right roles is critical in any business. Josh’s contributions to this team make him the right leader – and now we’re putting him in the right role.” In his new role,...

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The Outdoor Group, home to explosively growing brands like Elite, Scott, Custom Bow Equipment, and CAMX Crossbows has promoted Paul Guillot to the position of Director of Sales. “As we continue to grow, The Outdoor Group needs strong leaders,” said Greg Steil, CEO of The Outdoor Group. “Paul proved himself to be an incredible leader, first in the Marines, then as a Territory Sales Rep for The Outdoor Group. I am confident in Paul’s abilities to craft sales strategies and programs that keep with our mission of putting our customers first.” Guillot spent eight years serving in the United States...

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Team Elite has swept the Known Pro Podium at the ASA Tournament in London, KY this past weekend, where Nathan Brooks placed first, Chance Beaubouef was second, and newcomer TJ Strychalski took home third. Michael Braden also came in second in the Senior Division while Cara Kelly finished in second in the Women’s Pro Division. “Week after week, the team in blue continues to have fantastic results,” said Elite Pro Staff Coordinator Darrin Christenberry. “Having equipment that they can trust and be confident in helps to keep them finishing at the top. I am confident that the podium sweep in...

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How To Find Your Draw Weight

Something commonly seen across archery ranges is someone who is overbowed, or drawing too much weight. Many times, this stems from archers believing that they need to be shooting the industry “standard” of 70 pounds and conditioning from shops who only carry 70 pound bows in stock. However, archers will get more out of their equipment and experience if they select a draw weight that best matches their physical capabilities. How do you know if you are shooting the correct weight? This depends on the application and will differ from hunting to target archery. If you are hunting, you should...

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